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Small Business Development


The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (the Authority) is a strong supporter of programs that encourage the inclusion of women, minorities and small businesses in airport contracting.

Notice Effective Monday July 20, 2015 the Authority no longer accepts paper applications or renewal documents. All documents must be uploaded into the B2G Now system

During fiscal year 2010 small businesses participating in the Authority’s concessions and rental car programs generated approximately $77 million dollars. During this same time frame small businesses in the construction and engineering fields, received payments of approximately $23 million dollars and small businesses providing goods and non-professional services were awarded approximately $13 million dollars.

The Authority strives to continue its trend of inclusion and has established three programs in support of this mission. The programs are briefly described below:

GOAA Annual Networking Event

Annual Small Business Development Networking Event
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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Small Business Development Annual Networking Event

September 18, 2015
7:30 am – 12:pm

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Parking for this event is complimentary
Terminal Parking Garage A and B recommended
(Do not use E-Pass/Sunpass entry or exit lanes)
Parking tickets will be validated at event check-in

Sorry! Registration is now Closed

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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs (ACDBE) Programs for Federal Projects

A DBE/ACDBE is a for-profit small business concern that is at least 51% owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged or, in the case of a corporation, in which 51% of the stock is owned by one or more such individuals; and whose management and daily business operations are controlled by one or more of the socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who own it.

  • A small business concern is a firm whose annual gross revenues or number of employees do not exceed the limits applicable to the type of business as determined by the US Small Business Administration Table of Small Business Size Standards.
  • Individuals who are African American, Hispanic American, Asian Pacific-American, Native American or women are presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged if their personal net worth does not exceed the net worth limit.
  • Individuals whose socially and economically disadvantaged status is relied upon for DBE certification must show that their individual net worth does not exceed $1.31 million. For purposes of establishing net worth, the following items are excluded:
    1. The equity in the individual's primary residence; and
    2. The equity in the business which is applying for the DBE status.
  • Companies wishing to operate an airport concession should seek ACDBE certification. All others should seek DBE certification. The Authority is a certifying member of the Florida Unified Certification Program (UCP).

Local Development Business (LDB) Program for Non-Federal Projects

A LDB is a business concern that is domiciled in the Local Area, meets the Revenue Limitations, and is owned and controlled by one or more individuals whose personal net worth does not exceed the Net Worth Limitation.

  • Local Area: The Orlando Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area ("Orlando SMSA"). This area, according to the United States Department of Census, includes the counties of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake.
  • Revenue Limitations:
    1. Construction contracting services and consulting services related to planning, design, and construction related improvements and architectural and engineering services - $5,000,000 in annual gross revenues averaged over the preceding three (3) years.
    2. Professional Services - $2,000,000 annual gross revenues averaged over the preceding three (3) years.
    3. Procurement of goods and services not including professional services included in 1 and 2 above - $2,000,000 annual gross profit averaged over the preceding three (3) years.
  • Ownership and Control: Ownership and Control: Individuals, who do not exceed the Net Worth Limitation, must own at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the business, and control and manage the operations of the business on a daily basis.
  • Net Worth: The Net worth limitation is $750,000. The Net Worth is defined as the sum of the fair market value of the interests owned by the individual in all assets (if an asset is owned jointly as husband and wife, then fifty percent (50%) of the fair market value for that asset will be counted if only one spouse participates in the firm being reviewed) minus the debt of the individual (if debt is attributable to an asset owned jointly as husband and wife then fifty percent (50%) of the debt will be counted if only one spouse participates in the firm being reviewed). For purposes of establishing Net Worth, the following items will be excluded:
    1. The equity in the individual’s primary residence up to $500,000; and
    2. The equity in the business which is applying for the LDB status.
  • The firm must be LBD certified by the Authority in order to compete for LDB direct procurement opportunities and/or be counted as an LDB subcontractor for larger firms.
  • Designated Mobilization Program (DMP): The Authority recognizes that a Local Developing Business (LDB) may experience limited access to working capital. To further promote the development of LDBs, the Authority makes available certain retainers and/or designated mobilization payments to LDB professional services, construction and procurement firms up to 5%. With the approval of the Executive Director, the percentage may be increased to 10%.
    1. Professional Services: After award of a prime or subcontract agreement at the Aviation Authority, an LDB may elect to participate in the Authority’s DMP Program. Professional services firms may receive a 5% retainer of their contract price. LDB professional services firms may reject the retainer and alternatively participate in the Working Capital Initiatives with the approved banking institutions up to a total of 10%.
    2. Construction & Procurement Firms: Construction and Procurement firms may also participate under this program as either a Prime or a Subcontractor. The retainer is not available to construction or procurement firms. However, firms can receive through the approved banking institutions 5% of their contract price and a maximum of 1

Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Program for Non-Federal Projects

An M/WBE is a firm, which are at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more socially disadvantaged individuals.

  • Socially disadvantaged individuals are persons who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States and who are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Native Americans or Women.
  • For this program, the Authority accepts the minority certifications of Orange County, the City of Orlando and other governmental agencies as approved by Authority staff.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOBE) Program for Non-Federal Projects

The SDVOBE must be at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by one or more veterans or service-disabled veterans; and the management and daily business operations of which are controlled by one or more or service-disabled veterans or, for a service-disabled veteran having a permanent and total disability, by a spouse or permanent caregiver of the veteran.

  • Does your firm employ 200 or fewer employees?
  • Does the owner have an active duty service related disability?
  • Does the owner have a disability ranking of at least thirty percent (30%)?
  • Is your firm organized to engage in commercial transactions?
  • Is your firm domiciled in the 7 county area of Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Volusia?

Contact Information

All completed documents should be mailed to:

Small Business Development
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
5850-B Cargo Road
Orlando, FL 32827

(407) 825-7133 Phone
(407) 825-3004 Facsimile

For more information on any of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Minority/Women Business Enterprise & Local Developing Business Enterprise programs, please contact the Office of

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