GOAA Named as Development Partner for Florida’s Advanced Air Mobility System

Press Release

Central Florida is poised to become the leading edge in the development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). On December 21, 2023, a bill was introduced into the Florida House of Representatives designating the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) as the AAM test site for the State of Florida.

As defined in the legislation, Advanced Air Mobility is an air transportation system that primarily uses powered-lift aircraft to carry passengers or cargo in an urban or regional setting. Developing a network of Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft and vertiport facilities will provide residents and visitors access to a rapid and flexible mode of local transportation. AAM could also serve as a platform for medical transportation, emergency services, law enforcement and disaster relief.

“The Aviation Authority is grateful for the support of State Representative Doug Bankson, who recognized the important assets available at GOAA-operated facilities,” said Kevin J. Thibault, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “As an industry leader in multimodal connectivity, Orlando International Airport is a natural fit to function as a test site. With our availability of land, we are uniquely situated to enhance the research, development and commercialization of AAM.”

As an organization, the Aviation Authority has a long history of advancing emerging aviation technology.GOAA is proud to once again contribute to a collaborative process that will benefit the industry’s future. By working in concert with the Florida Department of Transportation, the state’s other leading airports and the manufacturers of these specialized aircraft, the combined expertise will re-invent the dynamic of shorter distance, point-to-point air transport.

According to industry experts, the integration of AAM into today’s National Airspace System has the potential to reduce carbon emissions, reduce noise impacts, create new jobs, provide air service to underserved communities and create opportunities for new and diversified revenue streams for airports.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is proud to operate Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), two of Florida’s premier air travel gateways. MCO is a world-class global connector, serving more than 50 million annual passengers in its Main Terminal and Terminal C. Connected to an Intermodal Terminal Facility, Terminal C is an inventive structure that elevates the customer experience with 100% automated screening lanes at TSA checkpoints. ORL is conveniently located just miles from downtown Orlando and provides vital general aviation access to the heart of the region