GOAA Board Adopts 2023 Strategic Plan; Approves FY ’23-24 Budget

Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Board on Wednesday unanimously voted to adopt the proposed 2023 Strategic Plan, a comprehensive blueprint with a focus on People, Connection, Community and Innovation that lays out the Aviation Authority’s next 10 years. The plan supports GOAA’s role as a major economic generator for Central Florida and embraces ideals offered through a series of community discussions.

“This was a massive and satisfying effort to undertake,” said GOAA CEO Kevin J. Thibault. “These initiatives are specific actions or projects that the Aviation Authority will benchmark throughout the next several years. This plan will not sit on a shelf. Rather, it will have an active dashboard to help us mark progress and determine where we are at any given time.”

“We are designing a plan for an airport that will be the very finest in the world, both in terms of connectivity and excellence in customer experience, all based on sound fiscal management,” said Carson Good, GOAA Board Chairman. “I believe that growing this airport in the right manner has the potential to lead our economy and quality of life to levels that are almost unimaginable today.”

The plan also unveils a new focus on the Authority’s Values, Mission and Vision.

Values Mission Vision
Service, Integrity, Efficiency, Excellence, Transparency To seamlessly connect Florida and the world through exceptional experiences, collaboration, and creativity. Be the global leader in the evolution of mobility.

Among the dozens of priorities are:

  • People: Enhance customer support initiatives and contingency plans to improve responsiveness to disrupted travel or other unexpected circumstances. With millions more passengers, we are exploring key amenities that will help customers to better adjust when there are flight disruptions.
  • Connection: Increase local intercity and intrastate sources of mobility. Connectivity is important for the Central Florida economy. GOAA wants to be an active part of the conversation on how we connect in the future via planes, trains, automobiles and beyond.
  • Community: Collaborate with community leadership groups to support employment initiatives and facilitate employment opportunities with the Aviation Authority and its business partners. A dynamic workforce is critical to advancing the region. To compete with the best, we need to support programs that foster aviation interests and ensure the region can attract top talent.
  • Innovation: Continually implement unique amenities and experiences for travelers that serve as “differentiators” from other transportation centers in the world. The Orlando Experience® is unique and we will continually explore new technologies and methods to elevate the experience.

Following the launch of the plan’s development in September 2022, GOAA reached out to employees, community partners and the public for input.

In total, there were 55 meetings held with internal and external stakeholders, four public Open Houses, and more than 10,000 unique responses to an open question survey. An advisory panel of former airport executives met with the committee to help provide industry insight.

GOAA employees from across all disciplines composed the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and helped to identify strategic initiatives.

To see the full Strategic Plan, please visit GOAA – Strategic Plan Brochure.

FY ’23-24 Budget

Following the milestone one-year anniversary of Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C, the GOAA Board approved airport operating budgets that will fund continuing efforts to maintain optimal levels of customer service and development for projected passenger growth.

The 2023-2024 Fiscal Year Budget for Orlando International Airport (MCO) is $831,620,000, which is a $148 million increase in revenue over last year’s budget. It includes no local tax dollars and derives the greatest portion of funding from airline charges, car rental fees and parking & ground transportation. The budget for Orlando Executive Airport (ORL) is $5,708,100.

Pie Chart

Key elements of the budget include:

  • A decrease in Cost Per Enplaned passenger (CPE) from $10.68 to $9.28 for participating airlines.
  • A $49.2M increase in Ground Transportation revenue as a result of forecasted growth
  • An increase of $15.3M in airline rental fees & charges
  • A $9.8M increase in Hotel revenue
  • An $8.1M increase in Concessions revenue

The FY ‘24 budget for Orlando Executive Airport is $943,100 more than last year. ORL’s proposed budget reflects increases in aircraft-related and commercial property revenues.

Customer Facility Charge Increase Will Fund Additional Services and Facilities

The Board also reviewed and approved an increase in the Customer Facility Charge (CFC) that is added to every rental car contract at Orlando International Airport. Effective November 1, 2023, the fee will change from $3.50 to $6.00 per day for a maximum of seven days.

As one of the largest rental car markets in the world, MCO is constantly reviewing options to significantly improve the rental car experience for passengers and airport partners. CFC revenues are used to help with construction projects related to rental car operations, along with customer convenience enhancements and additions. It is anticipated the new facilities will provide more parking as well.

Currently, the CFC collected by the Aviation Authority is one of the lowest in the country, and the increase is a first step to align MCO with comparable airports and rental car markets, as well as respond to the increasing demand. This will be the first rate adjustment since 2017. The Authority began collecting CFCs in 2008, with an initial rate of $2.50 for the first five days.

Since their inception, CFCs have funded a variety of projects at MCO, including Quick Turnaround Areas (QTA) at Terminal A/B, portions of Garage C and a rental car overflow parking lot. Projects currently programmed to be funded with CFCs:

  • Portions of Terminal C Pedestrian Bridge & Rental Car Lobby
  • Terminal A/B rental car lobby Improvements
  • Future CFC revenues could be used for preliminary design and ultimately construct new consolidated rental car facilities

The increase is projected to bring the total CFC revenue to approximately $70 million annually.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is proud to operate Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), two of Florida’s premier air travel gateways. MCO is a world-class global connector, serving more than 50 million annual passengers in its Main Terminal and Terminal C. Connected to an Intermodal Terminal Facility, Terminal C is an inventive structure that elevates the customer experience with 100% automated screening lanes at TSA checkpoints. ORL is conveniently located just miles from downtown Orlando and provides vital general aviation access to the heart of the region.