Orlando International Airport Debuts Innovative Visual Communication System to Delight and Engage Passengers at Terminal C

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Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect debuted an informational communications program at Terminal C.
Images courtesy of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect debuted an informational communications program at Terminal C.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect launch branded, automated visual communications to engage and assist passengers in the first wave of operations at Terminal C.

ORLANDO, Fla., (October 27, 2022) Orlando International Airport (MCO) launched its new 1.8 million-square-foot Terminal C on September 20. Since then, MCO has welcomed several airlines and the terminal’s first passengers to their new state-of-the-art facility. With the opening, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect debuted an informational communications program for the new terminal that includes creative custom video from the Central Florida region displayed alongside dynamic, automatically updated travel information throughout the airport.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Synect debuted an informational communications program at Terminal C.

“The Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C is a flawless example of how visual communication can transform airport communication and the passenger journey,” Synect CEO Yahav Ran said. “We are grateful to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority for their ongoing commitment to innovation along with their purposeful use of content and technology to delight passengers while helping them navigate the airport environment.”

In keeping with “The Orlando Experience®” concept created by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) to celebrate Central Florida’s natural beauty and iconic destinations, Synect captured original videos at picturesque Central Florida destinations. Live action video from Lake Eola, Bok Tower Gardens, Baldwin Park and Leu Gardens delivers a localized experience to passengers at Terminal C. The playlist shifts to match the time of day ̶from dawn, day, dusk and night ̶to create a calming experience and memorable sense of place.

The custom videos from Synect give passengers the information they need, when and where they need it. Dynamic, automatically updated flight information pulled from airport management systems is blended alongside the localized visuals. From flight information display (FIDS) to gate, baggage, concessions information, wait times, walk times and more, the new Terminal C informational content helps move departing passengers from ticketing to gates and arriving passengers from gates to ground transportation with ease. Some of the distinct displays at Terminal C include:

  • Four video walls with 55 displays, two video walls with 28 displays and two video walls with 18 displays at ticketing, which share airport and airline branding, flight information, wait times, QR codes to concessions options and more.
  • A 22-display video wall at the Palm Court showing FIDS information alongside walk times to gates and airport messaging.
  • Two wayfinding video walls with 24 displays each and additional wayfinding throughout the terminal feature dynamic flight information, concessions and amenities.
  • Two info desk video walls with 40 displays each in the baggage claim area, showing flights, baggage information, ground transport wayfinding and more.

The visual communication system plays across 872 connected screens at the new terminal. Additional displays at Terminal C are located in the security area, gates, arrivals, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), international and domestic baggage claim, ground transport and wayfinding throughout the terminal. The network is managed by Synect’s Passenger360® platform, which is also in use at Terminals A and B.

Synect’s Passenger360 system can accommodate and reflect real-time airport activity by automatically making thousands of updates per second to the dynamic informational content. Passenger360’s integration with MCO’s airport operations center (AOC) enables this automation. Changes made by the AOC and updates to airport activity, like flight schedules, wait times, weather, potential emergencies and more, are absorbed by the Passenger360 system and instantly portrayed on the massive visual communication network. Automation minimizes the toll on airport operations staff to keep the system and information updated while increasing the value of communication to passengers through fast response time, versatility and reliability. Manual overrides and inputs are available if needed.

“From the beginning, GOAA and the entire Terminal C team were striving to build the best facility and deliver the best passenger experience possible,” Brian Engle, Director of Customer Experience for GOAA, said. “Through our collaboration with Synect, we are giving passengers all the information they need, when and where they need it, to make their journey as smooth, engaging and delightful as possible.”

The visual communication system at MCO demonstrates the future of visual communications at the airport, blending calming, memorable visuals that create a distinct sense of place with immense operational benefits.

Images – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d4y5hpvxjtpwu86/AAAd_IwYHmkA2I71WGxWxoPpa?dl=0

About Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport (MCO) is managed by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. MCO ranks 7th in the nation and is the busiest airport in Florida serving 40 million passengers annually. The airport’s Capital Improvement Program includes an innovative 15-gate Terminal C opening in September. Featuring innovative technology and a unique top-level customer arrival experience, the new facility will accommodate an additional 10 to 12 million annual passengers and connect to an intercity rail to other Florida destinations in the future.

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