2017 July 4th Holiday Passenger Activity

Press Release

The Fourth of July 2017 travel season runs from Tuesday, June 27th through Sunday, July 9th. Passenger traffic activity at Orlando International Airport this year is projected to be 5.6% higher than the 2016 holiday season. The busiest travel days are expected to be Saturday, July 1st with a combined 148,718 departures and arrivals and Saturday, July 8th with 146,446 total passengers. The complete 2017 summer holiday travel season breakdown is as follows:

  Est. Arrivals Est. Departures Total % Diff.
6/27/17 61,936 62,204 124,140 2.2%
6/28/17 63,210 62,946 126,156 3.5%
6/29/17 65,035 65,468 130,503 4.3%
6/30/17 67,607 67,796 135,403 4.6%
7/1/17 75,393 73,325 148,718 6.2%
7/2/17 65,347 58,768 124,115 8.2%
7/3/17 62,780 60,797 123,577 8.5%
7/4/17 57,303 58,454 115,757 -6.6%
7/5/17 64,393 64,449 128,842 8.2%
7/6/17 66,901 62,024 128,925 8.4%
7/7/17 66,546 65,136 131,682 7.6%
7/8/17 73,576 72,872 146,446 9.7%
7/9/17 67,820 68,747 136,567 8.1%

Air Service Additions

 Air Berlin Dusseldorf 5/week May 6
 Spirit Airlines New Orleans 7/week May 25
Southwest Ft. Lauderdale 35/week June 4
frontier-airlines San Juan 7/week June 11
virgin-america San Francisco 7/week June 14
Spirit Airlines Pittsburgh 7/week June 22
LATAM Airlines Rio de Janeiro 3/week July 2
Eurowings Cologne 2/week July 7
norwegian Paris/CDG 1/week July 31
LATAM Airlines Santiago 2/week July 6 – August 31
frontier-airlines Providence 7/week August 14
frontier-airlines Long Island 7/week August 16

Summer Travel Tips

  • Call your credit card company and make them aware you’re traveling.
  • Arrive early. Airport parking, security checkpoint lines and the possibility of the airline overselling the flight and bumping passengers, should determine arrival time at the airport.
  • Pack light and know baggage limits.
  • Remember 3-1-1. Travel-size toiletries of three (3) ounces or less that fit comfortably in one (1) quart-size, clear plastic zip-top bag and the one (1) bag per passenger must be placed in the screening bin.
  • If you bring an empty bottle of water through TSA, you can fill it up at the water fountain before your flight.
  • When packing clothes, instead of square folding them, roll them. It will save space and decrease the chance of wrinkles.
  • Stick dryer sheets between your clothes when you pack so they smell nice and fresh.
  • Plastic baggies are a life saver if your phone doesn’t have a waterproof case. Keep them with you when you go to the beach or theme parks.
  • Keep a digital copy of your passport, and print it out, just in case you lose your original.
  • When bringing shampoos, lotions, and other liquids on your trip, be sure to unscrew the cap and place plastic wrap on the bottle. Then put the cap back on.
  • Pack one extra change of clothes for each person in their carry-on bag. Twenty-nine million pieces of luggage are lost or delayed/misplaced every year.
  • Keep a close eye on all your belongings. Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a close watch over tickets, wallets, purses, and other belongings at all times.
  • If you forget the wall plug-in for your phone charger, check the back of your hotel TV. There’s usually a USB port.
  • When you book your flight or search for one, enable private browsing, if your cookies and searches are tracked, you’ll get higher prices based on your search history. Also clear out your cache.
  • Avoid getting bumped. 1) Get an advance seat assignment. Passengers with seat assignments are typically only bumped if they arrive late and their seat assignment is released. 2) Check-in online. (3) Don’t be late.
  • Happy Fourth of July