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Leadership Profile: Mike Patterson, Director of Construction

Mike Patterson   Intermodal Terminal Facility and Automated People Mover
Mike Patterson, Director of Construction for GOAA               Intermodal Terminal Facility (ITF) and Automated People Mover (APM)

If there is any doubt about the tremendous amount of growth Orlando International Airport is experiencing, one only need look at the volume of projects Mike Patterson, Director of Construction for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), is overseeing.

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    Currently, he is focused on a number of projects with an approximate total budget of $3 billion. These include the South Terminal Complex (STC) and North Terminal projects such as the Baggage Improvements Program, Airside 4 Improvement Program, and Ticket Lobby Modification Program, plus another 20- 30 smaller projects.

    In his role, Patterson monitors the status of construction projects, quality of work, budgets, and timelines for each project. How does he keep track of it all?

    “Spreadsheets,” he said. “Lots of them.”

    He also strives to visit every project once a week to monitor progress and troubleshoot. With the recent completion of the Intermodal Terminal Facility (ITF) and Automated People Mover (APM), Patterson reflected on what he considers the best part of his job.

    “It’s rewarding to see a project through on time, on budget, and with no adverse impact on operations,” he said. Patterson joined the GOAA team in 1997 after retiring from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, where he spent the majority of his more than two decades of service in units that oversaw and implemented repairs and construction projects for military airports, primarily for the U.S. Air Force.

    Initially, his role at GOAA was as a consultant, serving as the Owner’s Authorized Representative on projects such as terminal improvements and a parking garage expansion. In 2006, he became Director of Construction. Today, his former consulting role serves him well, enabling him to see projects from the perspective of the many involved parties.

    As with the Small Business Development Department and the rest of GOAAs leadership team, Patterson is committed to the success of the small businesses that work on the Authority’s projects.

    “Every project has a goal (to include a certain percentage of small business participation),” he said. “In my role, I support and serve as an advocate for our small businesses and work to help them through projects.”

    Patterson encourages small businesses interested in working with GOAA to always be looking for opportunities. “Twenty-five percent of the STC is designated for small business,” he said. “There is great opportunity for anyone in the construction trades.”

Keynote Speaker Announced for December 7th Event

Dr. Chimay Anumba   13th Annual Networking Event
Dr. Chimay Anumba

Dr. Chimay Anumba, Dean of the College of Design, Construction, and Planning at the University of Florida is the keynote speaker for the annual “How to do Business with GOAA” (Greater Orlando Aviation Authority) networking event.“

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    The conference is set for Thursday, December 7, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive. Executives from GOAA and its Small Business Development Department, construction managers, purchasing officials, and others will be available to meet one-on-one with small business owners interested in doing business with Orlando International
    Airport. Several small business owners who are current contractors for GOAA will provide guidance and answer questions to participants.

    Also on the event agenda is a discussion about several projects at GOAA, including updates on the $2.1 billion South Terminal expansion. Attendees will learn about opportunities for contractors to work with GOAA on service and technology- skilled projects, including airport concessions, operations and maintenance, automated systems, and purchasing.

    A spending budget of up to $300-350 million in contracts is available for qualified small businesses. Officials will distribute a comprehensive list of all open contract opportunities and
    bid schedules.

    Representatives specializing in bonding, financing, and other business fundamentals will describe the bidding process and how small business owners can gain an edge over competitors with the proper preparation.

    Representatives from SBDD will also explain certification and pre-qualification requirements to help small businesses understand the criteria before submitting bids.

    Dr. Anumba is a renowned international civil engineer, author and magazine editor who has published over 450 articles in the fields of collaborative design, construction engineering
    and informatics, intelligent systems, knowledge management, cyber-physical systems and project management. His research has received over $150 million from national and international agencies, including The National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy, National Institutes for Health, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

    He earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, specializing in Computer-Aided Design at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, was awarded the highest doctorate of Doctor of Science by
    Loughborough University.

    Dr. Anumba’s keynote speech will focus on the impact small businesses bring to the development of large-scale projects and the importance of collaboration with community partners.

    Details at a Glance

    ✈ Event begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m. on December 7, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel, 9801 International Drive in Orlando.

    ✈ Registration and parking are free.

    ✈ RSVP and register by using the SBD Connect mobile app by December 5th. On-site event registration available.

    ✈ Panel discussions with successful small businesses.

    ✈ One-on-one networking event with construction managers, prime contractors and concessionaires.

    ✈ Schedule of upcoming construction bids for the South Terminal Complex.

    ✈ New concession opportunities for the South Terminal.

    ✈ For more information call 407-825-7133.

SBDD Hosts Roundtable Discussion for Small Businesses

Intermodal Terminal Facility and Automated People Mover
Roundtable participants worked on APM and ITF projects above.

In November, the Small Business Development Department (SBDD) met with more than 30 small and minority business owners who recently completed work on the Intermodal Terminal Facility (ITF) and Automated People Mover (APM) projects. The lively roundtable discussion focused on ways for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) and the SBDD to improve programs and policies that support their business operations.

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  • “The ITF and APM project had thousands of moving parts,” said George Morning, Director of the SBDD. “It’s important for our team, and GOAA as a whole, to look at the opportunities and challenges that arise during projects and proactively improve our processes. Firsthand feedback from our valued small business partners is key to maintaining a robust program and relationships.”

    Nearly $160 million in projects, or 25 percent of the budget, for the ITF/APM was awarded to small businesses. With an additional $300-350 million in projects for the South Terminal Complex estimated to be awarded to small businesses, SBDD is committed to maintaining programs and services that attract and support these firms, Morning said.

    The principals of the small businesses who attended the roundtable came away impressed by the roundtable discussions. Broad ranging conversations focused on a faster payment system, improved communication with all parties, and improving the change order process.

    “GOAA continuously seeks ways to improve the experience of small business,” said Morning.

    At the conclusion of the roundtable, attendees noted GOAAs dedication and are looking forward to hearing the ideas and solutions the SBDD team develops. Many of these companies have worked with GOAA for several years and acknowledge the great opportunities the airport offers.

    “We are interested in taking a systematic approach to improvement and problem-solving,” said Morning. “Our team is dedicated to creating maximum efficiencies in programs, policies, and operations.”

Partner Spotlight: Marchena and Graham, P.A.

Intermodal Terminal Facility and Automated People Mover
South Airport Intermodal Terminal Facility

With $3.1 billion in budgeted capital improvements underway and hundreds of businesses bringing those improvements to reality, it is critical that the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) follow strict policies and procedures for keeping projects on time and on budget.

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    For GOAA, that effort is greatly aided by the work of Marchena and Graham, a nearly 30-year-old law firm known for its experience in aviation and airport law.

    The firm serves as general counsel to GOAA and provides services to several departments, including the Small Business Development Department (SBDD). As general counsel, the attorneys of Marchena and Graham bring many areas of expertise to bear for GOAA. Matters regarding aviation, airport regulations, and large scale development and construction are significant and require a team of knowledgeable, experienced attorneys. Areas of counsel provided by the firm include:

    • FAA Relations and Compliance
    • Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation
    • Real Estate and Land Use Matters
    • Civil Rights
    • DBE/MWBE and Small Business Advice and Appeals
    • Competitive Procurement Solicitations and Appeals
    • Signatory Airline Negotiations
    • Commercial Property Leases and Development
    • Environmental Matters
    • Government Relations

    Marchena and Graham attorney Meredith Weber Hammock works extensively with the SBDD team to develop policy decisions, coordinate with multiple government entities, provide certification assistance, and handle appeals.

    A critical area of her counsel is working with SBDD to ensure maximum inclusion of minority, women, service disabled, and locally-owned small businesses in GOAA projects.
    “The advice and counsel provided by Marchena and Graham is integral to our Department’s success as a small business incubator,” said George Morning, the SBDD’s director. “From certification and prequalification to capital assistance and more, they work with our team to provide support and guidance.”

    Hammock finds her work with SBDD and small businesses rewarding. “I value knowing I am helping have a positive impact on the Central Florida community,” she said.

    Working with the SBDD team has prepared Hammock insight into what leads to small business success on GOAAs projects. Hammock encourages interested small businesses to stay on top of the bid release schedule and be prepared to act on potential opportunities. This information is easily accessible through the convenient SBD Connect app, which is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Surety Bonding Help Available for Small Business

Lenita Wright   Bowen, Miclette & Britt
South Airport Intermodal Terminal Facility

In an industry often plagued by delays or cost overruns, bonding is a critical component for any construction project. Simply put, bonding is a form of insurance that guarantees that the contractor will complete the work according to the terms of the contract.

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    “Bonding is a federal mandate on public works projects to ensure that the taxpayer doesn’t end up footing the bill,” says Jim Congelio, Bond Producer and Manager with Bowen, Miclette & Britt (BMB) of Florida, an insurance agency specializing in commercial insurance products and risk management throughout the Southeast. “Construction has one of the highest default rates because they are so risky and complex, so this is a form of protection for the client to make sure the job is finished.”

    Two types of bonds are issued for construction projects: performance and payment. Performance bonds guarantee that the contract between the project owner and contractor will be on time and budget, and payment bonds guarantee that the subcontractors and suppliers will get paid. Typically, the owner of a construction project requires that the general contractor carry bonds. However, the South Terminal expansion is unique, says Congelio, because GOAA is requesting that every company secure bonding to work there.

    “This decision shows GOAA is committed to helping small businesses grow. This is a good opportunity for small businesses who haven’t used bonds to try this type of work in an extremely friendly working environment,” he says.

    Contractors with a winning bid for a contract must secure a bond before beginning work. They will work with a firm like BMB to find an underwriter providing the best coverage based on the bond type, bond amount and applicant’s risk. The approval process can take up to a month or more, so Congelio advises business owners to secure bonding before the release of the bid schedule.

    Firms can prequalify for bonds and know how much bonding they will receive. By starting the process early, a small business can build a credit history and gain an advantage over competitors. Bonding also helps businesses develop stronger analysis and accounting review processes to ensure future financial viability in the marketplace.

    Small business owners are often intimidated by the process and the amount of financial assets they must disclose, but Lenita Wright says building a relationship with a trustworthy firm is crucial.

    “Our goal is to help them evaluate and manage risk. Business owners need to trust us so that we can find the best coverage for them,” says Wright, who serves as BMBs Executive Vice President.
    BMB heard about the South Terminal expansion through one of its clients who requested bonding to bid on contracts. Wright met with George Morning, director of GOAAs Small Business Development Department (SBDD), and learned how GOAA has developed a 30-year history supporting the small business community. BMB will be one of the companies participating in the SBDDs “How To Do Business with GOAA” event on December 7 and will discuss the bonding process with small business owners.

    “When small businesses participate in a project like the South Terminal expansion, it gives them experience and opens doors for other projects they seek to bid on in the future. When those small businesses are successful, the communities in which they are involved are successful,” says Wright.

13th Annual Networking Event

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