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11/08/2005 - Orlando International Airport Rebounds from 2004 Hurricanes

ORLANDO, FL. The difference a year can make. Orlando International Airport rebounded from the hurricanes of 2004 with over 2.2 million passengers (2,224,019) for September 2005, this represents a 32 percent increase in traffic. It should be compared to a nearly 6 percent drop in passenger volume reported last year due to the hurricanes for the same month.

Also in September there was a 2.5% increase in cargo traffic being moved through Orlando International. Orlando Executive Airport also bounced back from the hurricanes posting a 54 percent increase in overall operations. Once again, this is compared to September of 2004 when the airport was impacted by the hurricanes and experienced a nearly 33 percent drop in airport operations.

September closes the books on the Aviation Authority's fiscal year 2005. A total of 33.7 million passengers (33,764,917) used the airport during this period. From October 2004 until September 2005 Orlando International saw a 10 percent increase in domestic travelers and an 11.24 percent increase in international visitors.

For the 2005 calendar year so far, Orlando International Airport has over 24 million domestic travelers (24,060,411) and over 1.6 million international visitors (1,687,923) which represents a 9.6 percent increase over 2004. Orlando International is the busiest airport in Florida with over 31.1 million passengers in 2004 and is ranked number one in North America for customer service according to a recent J.D. Power and Associates survey.


For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at (407) 825-2055.


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