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5/27/2005 - Orlando International Airport Becomes Fourth Largest Domestic Origin and Destination Airport in Nation

ORLANDO, FL. Orlando International Airport is now the fourth largest airport in the nation for domestic origin and destination (O & D) travel following only Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago. O & D is defined as passengers that are visiting the area and are not just making a connecting flight at the airport. These are travelers that literally, cross-the-curb, enter into the community and benefit the local economy. According to Seabury Airline Planning Group, Orlando International accommodated 25.5 million domestic O & D travelers in 2004.

These are travelers who make a direct impact on our local economy. They travel to Central Florida on business, for leisure and vacation and in the process infuse millions of dollars into our local businesses, restaurants, hotels and tourists attractions. We are very pleased that this influential and coveted group of travelers has also helped to make Orlando International the busiest airport in the state of Florida, says C.W. Jennings, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Last year Orlando International Airport processed 31.1 million passengers. Other cities making the latest O & D list include Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, Tampa, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Honolulu. 

Orlando International Airport is the top rated airport in the nation and number two in the world behind Hong Kong in customer service according to a recent J.D. Power and Associates survey.


For more information, contact Carolyn Fennell at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at (407) 825-2055.


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