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Disabled Access

Orlando International Airport provides a barrier-free path and accessible services throughout the facility for individuals with disabilities. Features include:

Facility Design

  • The airport is comprised of an "A" Terminal and a "B" Terminal. Check the map and locate the terminal for your specific airline; park at the "A" Terminal or the "B" Terminal that corresponds with your airline to minimize travel distances within the airport
    • Ticketing and All Gates are located on Level 3
    • Baggage Claim is located on Level 2
    • Ground Transportation is located on Level 1
  • Minimal changes between floors
    • There is no change of floor/level from check-in to boarding the aircraft
  • Automated People Mover (APM) system Automated People Mover is provided to and from gate areas
    • Roll-on/roll-off train system requires no change of floor/level between the "A" or "B" Terminals and the Airside Terminals (gate areas)
  • Elevators Elevators, escalators Escalators, and moving walkways Moving Walkways are provided to minimize walking distances. Moving walkways transport you from the parking garages to Terminals A & B, and from one end of the terminal to the other


  • Ground Transportation Ground Transportation
    • Vehicles (Airport and Vendor) include passenger lifts
    • When utilizing Ground Transportation (GT), please first alert your airline provider of any wheelchair or skycap service needs. Also, alert your GT driver of your service needs.
  • On-Airport Parking Options Parking
    • Garage Parking and Terminal Top Parking
      • Disabled parking spaces are available in both "A" and "B" garages as well as the Terminal Top Parking (located above the terminal - access from Level 3 of the garages)
      • Disabled parking is available on all levels of public parking near the elevators; a higher number of disabled spaces are available at Levels 1 and 2 in both "A" and "B" garages
    • Oversized Vehicle Parking (over 7'-0" high)
      • Oversized vehicle parking is available adjacent to the "B" garage. An accessible route is provided from the oversized parking through the garage to the elevators that take you to the terminals
      • Oversized vehicle parking is also offered at the North Park Place Economy Parking (Blue) lot
      • NOTE: Vehicles over 7'-0" high cannot be accommodated in the Garages
    • Express Pick-Up/Drop-Off Express Pick-Up/Drop-Off
      • Express pick-up is located on Level 1
      • Vehicles may not be left overnight
      • Disabled spaces are provided at the Express pick-up lanes
      • NOTE: Screening required to enter this area
      • NOTE: E-Pass and SunPass only E-PASS SunPass Plus
    • Valet Parking
      • Valet parking is accessed from the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel
    • Loading and Unloading Zones
      • Designated Loading and Unloading zones are located on Levels 2 and 3 in both "A" and "B" Terminals
    • Economy Parking (North Park Place and South Park Place) Parking   North Park Place   South Park Place
      • Disabled parking is also available in the economy parking lots, including disabled access for the shuttle service to/from the terminals
    • Cell Lot
      • The cell phone lot is located at the South end of the airport; drivers can wait to pick up passengers; disabled parking is designated
    • Discounts: There are no discounts or reduced rates for disabled parking at Orlando International Airport except for those disabled persons who qualify for exemptions as listed in Florida Statute 316.1964.
    • More information regarding fees, payment methods, screening and other information can be found on our Parking page.
  • Curbside Check-In
    • Passengers may be dropped off on Level 3 (Departures) curbside check-in if provided by your airline of choice at "A" or "B" Terminals. If your airline does not provide curbside check-in service, please consult them prior to your arrival for assistance. You are welcome to drop off, park, and reunited back curbside with your party. If you wish to park after dropping off passengers and luggage, follow signs to Terminal Parking, or use the "Quick Park" ramp at the "A" or "B" Terminal Departures Level to access the Terminal Parking.
  • Wheelchairs Wheelchair
    • If you require a wheelchair, please contact your airline in advance and they should be able to provide a wheelchair for your use within the airport.  If you require a wheelchair for the duration of your visit, please email Visit Orlando or visit its web site.  They should be able to provide you with a list of companies offering such a service.
  • Skycaps
    • Skycaps are available to assist passengers. Typical services include curbside check-in, carrying baggage, wheelchair assistance, etc. Please contact your particular airline to arrange for assistance from its skycaps. It is customary to tip skycaps for services provided.
  • Luggage Carts Luggage Carts
    • Luggage carts are available in the "A" and "B" garages, rental car areas (in the "A" and "B" garages) and in the "A" and "B" Terminals on Levels 1, 2 and 3
    • Luggage carts are not permitted through security
    • Luggage carts are available at a nominal fee
  • Public Restrooms Restrooms
    • All public restrooms accommodate the disabled
  • Companion Care Restrooms Companion Restrooms
    • Companion Care Restrooms are located on Levels 1 and 3 of the "A" and "B" Terminals and at all four (4) Airsides (gate areas) for the disabled and their companions
    • See from which Airside your airline operates. See a layout of the Terminal Buildings

Airside 1 (Gates 1-29)

Hub (1)

"A" and "B" Terminals
Departures (Level 3) 

"A" Terminal West near TAM Airlines (1)
"A" Terminal East near Southwest Airlines (1)
"B" Terminal West near United Airlines (1)
"B" Terminal East near Delta Air Lines (1)

Airside 2 (Gates 100-129)

Hub Near Gates 100-110 (1)
Hub Near Gates 120-129 (1)
Gates 100-110 (1)
Gates 120-129 (1)


"A" and "B" Terminals
Arrivals/Baggage Claim ( Level 2)



Airside 3 (Gates 30-59)

Gates 30-39 (1)

"A" and "B" Terminals
Ground Transportation ( Level 1) 

"A" Terminal East (1)
"A" Terminal West (1)
"B" Terminal East (1)
"B" Terminal West (1)

Airside 4 (Gates 70-99)

Gates 80-89 (1)

  • Service Animal Relief Areas Phones
    • Service Animal Relief Areas are available on Level 2 of both the "A" and "B" Terminals. The "A" Terminal Service Animal Relief Area is located at the North East corner of the building (to the right as you exit the building) near the Southwest Airlines Bag Claim. The "B" Terminal Service Animal Relief Area is located at the South West corner of the building (to the right as you exit the building).
  • Phones Phones
    • Pay Phones: Pay Phones are accessible with volume control settings
    • Information Center
      Information Booth
    • Page Phones and emergency phones are hearing aid compatible with volume control
    • Text telephones (TTY) are available in each terminal
  • Information Booths Information Booths
    • Information Booths are located on Level 3 (Departures) of the A" Terminal at the West end (gates 1-59) near Sea World and at the East end (gates 70-129) near Sea World. Note: Information Booths are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. phone (407) 825-2352 and (407) 825-2355
  • Visual Paging
    • Program includes:
      • Standard messages for safety and security scroll the bottom of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at East and West ends of the “A” and “B” Terminals, the Food Court and all 4 Airside Hubs
      • Safety and Security Messages:
        • Attention: For your safety and security please do not leave luggage unattended. Closely control your personal belongings to prevent transporting items without your knowledge. Report any suspicious items or behaviors to law enforcement. / Only passengers with boarding passes are permitted through the security checkpoint. / In accordance with Florida law, Orlando International airport is a non-smoking facility. Thank you for your cooperation
        Visual Paging
        Visual Paging
      • If visual paging is required, please go to the Information booths located at the Level 3 (Departures) of the “A” Terminal at the West end (gates 1-59) near Sea World and at the East end (gates 70-129) near Sea World OR call (407) 825-2000. Note: Information Booths are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. phone (407) 825-2352 and (407) 825-2355.
  • Mobility Devices
    • Wheelchairs, electric scooters and segways are recognized mobility devices; wheelchairs are available through your airline
    • Please note TSA screening requirements for Mobility devices-see www.tsa.gov
  • Electric Carts
    • Electric cart transportation IS NOT provided at Orlando International Airport
  • Commuter Aircraft Access
    • Passenger lifts are provided at Commuter Aircraft to ease the boarding process
  • Hotel

For Meet and Greet Services for Disabled Convention Groups: Please pre-arrange special assistance for Meet and Greet Services for Disabled Convention Groups by calling (407) 835-3800 at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Review the FAA's Grievance Procedure

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