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Noise Responsibilities


ANAC Committee

The Aviation Noise Abatement Committee (ANAC) has 10 voting members representing both impacted and non-impacted communities as well as technical and Aviation Authority appointed members. The Committee also has non-voting members representing various government entities and a Noise Abatement Officer. Members and the Noise Abatement Officer may be contacted via the Noise Office at: 407-825-2674 or by e-mail to the:


FAA Logo

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which has the authority and is responsible for controlling aircraft noise by regulating source emissions. The FAA's Air Traffic Control has the authority to implement noise abatement operational procedures which have been recommended by the airport proprietor and have been shown to be consistent with air safety and all legal requirements.



Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) which is responsible for planning and implementing actions designed to reduce the effect of noise on residents of the surrounding area. Such actions include noise abatement procedures, land acquisition and other controls that do not discriminate, create an unsafe situation, impede the management of the air navigation system, or interfere with interstate or foreign commerce.

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