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Environmental Initiatives


Sustainability Program

"The responsibility to construct and operate the airport facilities in a manner that ensures future generations will enjoy the same environment and vision that we experience today"
  • The Major Goals listed in the Sustainability Management Plan are derived from the four main areas of focus:  Energy, Water, Waste, and the Environment
  • The Sustainability Management Plan achievements coincide with the Authority’s 2013 Strategic Plan, in that they reduce maintenance and increase efficiency, while supporting our customer service initiatives 
  • The Sustainability Management Plan also supports the City of Orlando’s theme “The City Beautiful”, as a sustainable design theme that is carried throughout the airport with “The Orlando Experience”
  • The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, federal agencies, stakeholders, business partners, and community at large have all joined the Sustainability Program and are “On the flight path to a Greener Tomorrow”

On the flight path to....a greener tomorrow

Energy Conservation and Environmental Initiatives Forum

The Energy Conservation and Environmental Initiatives Forum was conducted at Orlando International Airport on April 26-30, 2010.

Eighteen companies made these presentations.

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